Does it feel like your dog is focusing upon everything else but you? A bird, a squirrel, a person, another dog... each walk is a fight to get your dog's attention, as you are battling against the excitement of the whole world?


This workshop is for you!

This workshop is perfect if you're struggling to find the time to commit to a six week course and want to have an hour and a half with a specific focus and set target. This is also perfect if you want to continue your dog's training and stimulate their mind, or just enhance your learning. 


We are running two workshops over summer focused upon your dog's engagement with you. This workshop will be an hour and a half and will have up to 8 dogs present. 

Laura is a qualified dog trainer and will run you through a series of advice and exercises specifically to do with increasing your dog's focus on you. 

Any age dog is welcome. 

Please do not enter the paddock until you are invited to do so by the dog trainer. All dogs are to be on lead. 

Focus workshop




    Classes are being held outside where possible

    (in the event of poor weather, classes are held in the polytunnel)

    Social distancing measures are in place