Training Classes

At Shropshire Dog Training Centre we keep class numbers small to ensure individual attention is given to all. We will show you the training techniques to create a happy and well trained dog and guide you through the process, whether completing an obedience course or attending an ongoing weekly class.

We have indoor space and outdoor space for classes at our purpose-built training centre, ensuring a more realistic training experience for you and your dog.

All of our classes are run by experienced trainers with a proven track record of achieving success.

All of our training is science-based, using the latest training techniques to help your dog learn quickly and effectively.

We do not use any forceful training techniques.

At Shropshire Dog Training Centre there is an emphasis on building a stronger relationship between owner and dog. Greater trust and understanding leads to better communication and a more effective training experience.


Please Note: Unfortunately reactive dogs are not permitted in the classes. If you have a reactive or nervous dog you can have private sessions to go over class work, or to help with the reactivity, or both!


Please contact us on 07852 848313 for more information.

Puppy Beginner Course

If you attend puppy classes at Shropshire Dog Training Centre you will leave with a greater understanding of dog behaviour and training.

You will be given the tools to train a well-adjusted dog, more focussed on you and under control.

This is a 6 week course costing £85.
​Amongst other things, in puppy classes we cover:

Basic obedience positions (sit, down, stand)


Loose-lead walking/heelwork

Focus on owner (getting eye contact)


Stopping unwanted chewing/jumping up/mouthing

Available Classes 2020


August 8th (Saturday) at 1:15pm

August 29th (Saturday) at 12:15pm

September 12th (Saturday) at 2:15pm

September 26th (Saturday) at 1:15pm

Intermediate Training Course

In this class we progress your training and teach your dogs new obedience related skills in a positive and friendly way.

The Intermediate Class produces well-mannered dogs who have more focus and attention on their owners.

Dogs of any age or ability are welcome to join the Intermediate Class.

This is a 6 week course costing £85.

​Amongst other things, this course covers:


Emergency Lie Down (at a distance)

Loose-lead walking

Focus on owner (getting eye contact)

Impulse Control (automatic "leave it")


Stopping unwanted behaviours (jumping up, play biting)

Available Classes 2020

January 25th (Saturday) at 2:15pm

Agility Classes

Agility classes at Shropshire Dog Training Centre are held in a full size outdoor paddock with floodlights in summer and a smaller indoor arena in the winter.

Although we will train you up to competition standard, the ultimate goal for us is enjoyment from both dog and owner. There is no pressure or embarrassment for making mistakes, we love mistakes because it shows that you are trying. We will help you to work through any mistakes and learn from them.

You might be suprised how quickly you both progress.


Available Classes

Thursdays at 9:30am (Beginners) - 2 Spaces

Saturdays at 11:00am (Beginners) - 1 Space

Gun Dog Classes

These classes are for any breed of dog over 6 months old.

Many owners of working breeds don’t intend to work their dogs, but still want their dog to learn about gundog work.

In these classes we work on whistle training, steadiness, quartering, retrieving, following directions, developing memory, distance work, amongst other things.

Whether you are planning to take part in gundog work or not, this class will increase your dog’s impulse control and focus on you, giving you greater control.

This class is not limited to working breeds only.

There are elements of this class that every dog will enjoy, no matter the size, age (6months +) or breed.


Available Classes

Saturdays at 10:00am - Spaces Available

Rally Obedience Classes

Rally-obedience (or rally-O) is one of the newest dog sports to be recognised by the Kennel Club. Rally is similar to agility in that the competitors take their dogs around a course, except they instead perform exercises derived from the heelwork element of competitive obedience. It is aimed at people wanting to teach their dog new skills in a fun way and unlike agility, handlers of all ages and abilities can take part.

Attending rally classes can help to improve handler-dog communication and can increase your dog’s focus and attention levels.

Come each week to learn new skills in a fun way and compete against your own personal scores.

See the following link for more information on rally obedience:

Available Classes 

No classes currently running - please enquire about 1:1 rally training

Private Classes

If class training is not for you, or you want to try it out on your own first, sign up to a private training session

These prices are ONLY for agility,

rally obedience, or gun dog work.

For more information please contact us:


OR 2 FOR £25 (1HR TOTAL)




Due to Government guidelines all classes are being held outside

Social distancing measures are in place

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Berriewood Farm, Condover, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 7NN

07852 848313



Once you have turned into Berriewood Farm off the main road, take a RIGHT at the T-junction. We are located 200yds down the track, by the poytunnel.


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