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- Small class numbers, ensuring individual attention is given to all (up to 6 dogs per class)

- Improve communication between you and your dog

- Train calmness and increase your dog's focus on you, even with distractions

- Reward based training (including treats, toys, praise, and natural reinforcers, like sniffing)

- Purpose built training centre

- Indoor space and outdoor space for training

- Classes run by experienced trainers

Please Note: Unfortunately reactive dogs are not permitted in the classes.


If you have a reactive or nervous dog, we would love to help you with some private training sessions first.

Please contact us on 07852 848313 for more information.

Training Classes

6 Week Puppy Course (£135)


If you attend puppy classes at Shropshire Dog Training Centre you will be given the tools to train a well-adjusted dog, more focussed on you and under control.

​In this 6 week puppy course we cover:

Basic obedience positions (sit, down, stand)


Leave It

Loose-lead walking/heelwork


Focus on owner (with distractions)


How to stop unwanted chewing

How to stop jumping up

How to stop mouthing/play biting

The next puppy start dates are:

Saturday 13th April at 11am

Wednesday 17th April at 6pm


(Same day/time for 6 weeks)

Teenage Course (£135)


In this 6 week course for any dogs over 6 months old, we cover:

Sit and stay


Loose-lead walking and "heel"

"Leave it"

Focus on handler around distractions

Socialisation with other dogs

Improve communication between you and your dog

With each behaviour we will increase duration, distance and distractions, to help you and your dog cope with any situation life throws at you.

Dogs of all ages are welcome on this course. Some dogs will present behaviours associated with adolescence, even if they are no longer an adelescent dog (approximately 6 months to 2 years old).

The next start date is:

Saturday 27th April at 12pm

(Same day/time for 6 weeks)

Doggie Socials (£10 per dog)

- Run by a qualified dog trainer

- Small numbers

- In a safe, secure paddock

- Lots of space if your dog needs a break from the other dogs

- Dogs over 6 months old are welcome

Socials run every Friday at 10-11am

Dobby agility.jpg
Agility Classes

Agility classes at Shropshire Dog Training Centre are held in a full size outdoor paddock with floodlights in summer and a smaller indoor arena in the winter.

Available Classes

Weekly - Wednesdays at 10am

Please message to book or find out more information.

Gun Dog Classes

These classes are for any breed of dog over 6 months old.

In these classes we work on whistle training, steadiness, quartering, retrieving, following directions, developing memory, distance work, amongst other things.

Whether you are planning to take part in gundog work or not, this class will increase your dog’s impulse control and focus on you, giving you greater control.

This class is not limited to working breeds only.

Available Classes

Fortnightly - Sundays at 10am

Please message for more information or to book.

Rally Obedience Classes

Rally-obedience (or rally-O) is one of the newest dog sports to be recognised by the Kennel Club and is aimed at people wanting to teach their dog new skills in a fun way and unlike agility, handlers of all ages and abilities can take part.

Attending rally classes can help to improve handler-dog communication and can increase your dog’s focus and attention levels.

See the following link for more information on rally obedience:

What is Rally Obedience?

Available Classes 

Fortnightly - Sundays at 11.30am

Private Classes

If group training is not for you, or you want to try it out on your own first, sign up to a private dog sports* training session.

*These prices are ONLY for agility,

rally obedience, or gun dog work.

For more information please contact us:



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