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Private Sessions

Private training or behavioural sessions at Shropshire Dog Training Centre are designed for dogs who are not ready to learn in a class environment, or for issues not dealt with in standard classes.

Our private training or behavioural sessions include various training and behaviour modification techniques, designed to make the dogs feel more comfortable and more mentally and physically stimulated.

After a private training or behavioural session at Shropshire Dog Training Centre you will receive ongoing support and advice, for as long as necessary.

In our private training sessions we work on all matter of training or behavioural issues, such as:

  • Basic obedience

  • Recall

  • Jumping up

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Lunging on the lead

  • Mouthing (play biting)

  • Boisterous play

  • Unwanted chewing

  • Destructive behaviours

  • Separation issues

  • Excitability

  • Reactivity (whining, barking)

  • Nervousness/anxiety

  • Fear based aggression

  • Other aggression

  • Any other problem behaviour

“We had real issues with Roy's reactivity to other dogs. Laura explained the reasons behind his behaviour and showed us the correct way to deal with it. I am very pleased to say it worked. Thank you!"  ​

Anthony, Roy's owner


“Lola was extremely nervous, to the point where we struggled to take her anywhere or do anything with her. Laura showed us how to build Lola's confidence with training and scentwork. Lola is now comfortable in most situations. What a transformation."  ​

Sian, Lola's owner

Private training sessions are charged at £65
(extra fuel charge may apply)

3 x 121 sessions (3hrs) for £180

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