Specialised training workshops at Shropshire Dog Training Centre are for dogs at any level of training and handlers of any ability. Please register your interest with us today!

Rocket Recall Workshop

£35 per dog (optional 20ft training lead for £10*)

*Training lead required for this workshop

Do you want a dog who comes back when called, every time?

Perhaps you just require a recall refresher, or your dog is pretty good until he gets distracted. Maybe he steals tennis balls?

Whatever the reason, the recall workshop is a must for any owner wishing to have greater control of their dog on and off-lead.

This workshop covers effective use of reinforcers (treats/toys/praise), improving dog/handler relationship, focus games, recall games, correct use of the long-line to improve performance, working at greater distances, and working with varying levels of distractions.


April 7th (Sun) at 11am-1pm

Lovely on Lead Workshop
£35 per dog

Does your dog pull on the lead? Or get distracted easily? Then this workshop is for you.

Some dogs are inadvertently taught to pull. Others can walk nicely, until something grabs their attention.

Whatever the reason, we will show you the latest techniques for creating a calmer and more controlled dog on the lead.

This workshop will transform your walks from a potential nightmare into a dream!



May 5th (Sun) at 11am-1pm

Reactivity Class
£30 per dog*
*Only for clients who have had an initial 121

All living creatures react to stimuli in the surrounding environment.

When talking about reactivity in pet dogs, we are usually referring to excessive or prolonged reactions (barking. whining, lunging etc.) that cannot be easily managed.

At Shropshire Dog Training Centre you will learn what reactivity is, what can cause it and more importantly, how to deal with it.

We will show you how to manage your so-called "reactive" dog appropriately, ensuring you both feel more relaxed in previously stressful situations.


April 7th (Sun) at 1:30pm


At Shropshire Dog Training Centre we welcome any feedback from clients, as it is vital to the success and development of the business.

If you have any comments or ideas for new workshops, please get in touch. Thank you!

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Berriewood Farm, Condover, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 7NN

07852 848313



Once you have turned into Berriewood Farm off the main road, take a RIGHT at the T-junction. We are located 200yds down the track, by the poytunnel.


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