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Paddock for hire

Do you need a private, enclosed area to allow your dog the space to have a run?


Or do you want to practise your recall, but have no safe area to do so? Having the ability to practise your training in a quiet area with fewer distractions will greatly inprove your dog's chances when the distraction of another dog, for example, is added.​


Alternatively, you might want to introduce a new dog to the family. This could be a new addition to the family, or it coud be a dog owned by a friend/family member that you want to introduce to your dog.

If you are unsure how the dogs will react, you might have more success introducing them away from home on neutral ground. Our paddock is the perfect area to introduce new dogs. Initially you can keep the dogs on either side of the gate/fence. This will prevent contact initially, so the dogs can get used to each other first.

Once the dogs have been properly introduced, you can let them have a run together before they leave, so they are a little easier to handle when you arrive home for the first time.


Laura Vaughan-Evans, owner and head trainer, will be on-site with new introductions and by special request.

"I hired the paddock to practise Benji's recall in a safe place. It made a big difference because I could relax and think about the training, instead of worrying that he might not come back."

Mr Davies, Benji's owner

"We hired the paddock once a week after George's surgery. It meant that he got some off-lead exercise without the risk of other dogs enticing him to play. He can be quite boisterous."

Helen and Pete, George's owners


£10 FOR 1/2 HOUR


£20 FOR 1 HOUR

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