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Doggy Socials

Rate: £10 per dog 

At Shropshire Dog Training Centre we are lucky enough to have lots of outdoor space for dogs to run and play.

We are able to take full advantage of this wonderful location with our "doggy socials".


Our doggy socials are designed for dogs of all sizes, shapes and ages (above 6 months old).

We have separate paddocks if you think your dog needs a little space, where they can interact with the other dogs from behind a fence.

If you have a nervous or excitable dog, it may still be possible for you to attend a socialisation walk. Please contact us for more information.

During the social you will have the opportunity to ask for training and behavioural advice from our experienced trainers.

Doggy socials cost £10 per dog and are held on:

Fridays at 10am

Sundays (fortnightly) at 12pm

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