Socialisation Walks

At Shropshire Dog Training Centre we are lucky enough to have access to private farmland and woodland.

We are able to take full advantage of this beautiful location with our socialisation walks.

For convenience, we also hold socialisation walks in The Quarry Park, Shrewsbury.

Socialisation walks at Shropshire Dog Training Centre are designed for all dogs who do not display aggression to other dogs, people or animals.

If you have a reactive or excitable dog, it may still be possible for you to attend a socialisation walk. Please contact us for more information.

On our socialisation walks, we focus on walking nicely on the lead and interacting calmly with the surrounding environment, people, other dogs and animals.

During the walk, you will have the opportunity to ask for training and behavioural advice from our experienced trainers.

“I brought Hugo to a socialisation walk at Shropshire Dog Training Centre due to (mild) nervousness around strange people. He was fantastic, I was so pleased."  ​

Jeremy, Hugo's owner


“Tess can bark at other dogs when she gets excited. On the socialisation walk we were able to work on this issue, until we had a better grasp of what to do/not to do. It really helped."  ​

Robert, Tess's owner


Next Date for Socialisation Walk

Sunday February 9th at 
The Quarry Park, Shrewsbury 
Rate: £10 per dog 

Socialisation walks are £10 per dog (£5 per additional dog) and last for approximately 1 hour



Classes are being held outside where possible

(in the event of poor weather, classes are held in the polytunnel)

Social distancing measures are in place