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If classes are not convenient for you or your dog is not ready for learning in a class environment, a 121 training session is for you.

Using the most up-to-date training methods, we will show you how to handle your dog in real-life situations. All of our methods are force-free, aimed at building a strong relationship between dog and owner and creating a confident and happy dog.

We treat each case separately and tailor the session to your needs and the needs of your dog. In these sessions we can work on many things, such as reactivity; separation issues; housetraining; more focus on the owner; walk nicely on the lead; come back when called; greet politely - no jumping up; play appropriately - no mouthing and not too boisterous. Once you have made your purchase you will be contacted to arrange a date and time for your first training session.

1 Hour 121 Training or Behavioural Session

  • All money received for classes is non-refundable (you may transfer to another class). Only purchase this product if you have first checked availability for the course. To check availability please contact 07852 818313 or